Metformin 500mg Effects


Metformin 500mg is a medicine some people use to control their blood sugar. They say it is a diabetes medicine that is good for someone with type 2 diabetes. Sometimes this is used together with insulin medication.

As much as this medicine has been proven effective, it has side effects that people have to look out for. First of all, in every medicine, there is always a possibility of an allergic reaction. Some signs of an allergic reaction are hives, difficulty in breathing, face, lips, throat and tongue swelling up, etc.

There are other certain symptoms that one has to look out for. Doctors always warn people taking Metformin 500mg about the possibility of getting lactic acidosis while on medication with this drug. Some of the symptoms of this are muscle pain, feeling weak or numb on the limbs, difficulty in breathing, feeling light-headed, dizzy and exhausted, feeling pain in the stomach, feeling nauseated and vomiting once in a while. Some people even feel like their heart rate is slowing down. If any of these happens, then it would be best to go to the hospital and get checked out in the emergency room.

Another side effect that one might want to consult with his doctor is the feeling that he is rapidly and unexplainably gaining weight. If for no reason one feels feverish or chilly or having the symptoms of the flu, then he should go to his doctor as soon as possible.

Some other side effects of this drug are headache, feeling weak and having muscle pain. A person taking this drug may also have rampant trips to the bathroom for diarrhea and gas. These are the not-so-serious side effects, but it is advisable to still mention these to the doctor.

To avoid even more serious effects and complications from taking this drug, complete disclosure of other illnesses to the doctor should be made. A person with liver disease of any kind has to inform his doctor about it before he is prescribed with this drug. And even if he does not have heart disease, if he has the history of it, then he also has to tell his physician about it. In this way, the doctor would know whether it is safe for him to take Metformin or not.

Aside from the usual precautionary methods and full disclosure of all medical history and condition of a person, another way to take Metformin 500mg safely and effectively is to follow exactly the instructions of the doctor.

Just like for every medicine, the person prescribed to take Metformin should take the same exactly as prescribed. That is, not lower or higher than the dosage instructed and not more or less often than what the doctor said is needed.

Metformin is one of those drugs that need to be taken with a meal. Thus, unless the doctor says otherwise, this has to be taken only after a meal.

It is also important that this drug be taken as a whole pill and not in any other form, like crushed, broken or liquefied. There is a reason why this is in a pill form. And it has to be taken that way, unless instructed otherwise.